Private Shopping by Appointment, Square Gift Cards and Customer DIY Show and Tell

Dang, is this COVID-19 thing over yet?  If there is one positive thing about this crisis (and I do believe there are a few) it’s that many of us, myself included, are using the time to learn to do new things, or in better ways.  I’m still working the online shop (an alternative to my Etsy shop), but I’ve patted myself on the back a few times this past week with finished projects including making it easier for our customers to shop the #rustandrefindartisanmarket during the COVID government restrictions.  Not only am I accessible every Wednesday and Saturday 11-2 for walk-in and regular curbside and contactless pickups of items we post throughout the week, but you can always make an appointment based on mutual availability by calling or messaging me AND now you can book online HERE.


SHOP DIGITALLY – BUY A GIFT CARD NOW. And, understandably, customer hesitation to shop due to the mandates, health concerns and financial uncertainty during these last couple of months means small business loss of income, sales, lack of customer interaction and product turnover.  We’ve made it easier and safer for you to shop from home, or in store.   We are now offering digital gift cards for both gift giving and buy now/shop later…even better?  Click BUY A DIGITAL GIFT CARD now through 30 April and get a special discount.

CUSTOMER HIGHLIGHT/SHOW AND TELL. Our customers are DIY-ing their way through quarantine using many of our products available at the shop.  Two of them wanted to update their tile floors by painting, so we’re sharing Tina’s bathroom floor update this week, and will show Tracy’s sunroom floor in the next blog.  The biggest recommendation is to have patience, to properly prep/clean, and more patience (and maybe some wine).  Painting a tile or vinyl floor can be a much less invasive and costly endeavor and is a DIY-able project for any homeowner.  We offer a variety of paint, stencil, topcoat products to get the job done…and professional, recommendations.  But, we are highlighting TINA’s step by step process and her oops in what and how she painted her bathroom tile floor so that our customers can relate with another customer trying this the first time. Here’s here step by step process:

  1.  Cleaned floor with vacuum and then mopped with TSP.  Tried to avoid bringing cat hair back into the room (we can relate Tina)
  2. Two coats of primer (XIM UMA) **this product available at Rust and Refind**.  That was day one (cutting in took the longest).  Waited three hours between coats.
  3. Day Two: THREE coats of Paint Couture Arctic White **Rust and Refind is a Paint Couture Retailer** (I probably only needed two coats but it’s an old floor so I felt better with three).  Waited four hours between coats. **We recommend 2 coats on floors, but more is an option**
  4. Day Three:  Began Stamp (IOD stamps available at Vintage Revival Design Co.) Made a few mistakes and decided to paint over the errors.  I took advantage of the error and decided to add a “field of gray” (mix of Paint Couture Arctic White and British Grey).  I taped off the area that would have the design.  LET THAT SIT OVERNIGHT.  I thought the gray was too dark so I did a white wash over it.
  5. Day Four: Stamp round two.  Realized I had the brayer to transfer the paint from the IOD stamp to the floor.  The stamp design was painted in Paint Couture Midnight Blue.  It took about four stamps in to get the hang of the stamping–it was easier for me to stand to place the stamp so I had a better view.
  6. Once the stamp paint was dry, I pulled up the tape and painted a midnight blue line around the edge to give it a finished area rug look.
  7. FINAL DAY: 3 coats of topcoat ***This product available at both Rust and Refind and Vintage Revival Design Co.  and we do recommend three coats for floors)***.  The topcoat used for this project was Wise Owl One-Hour Enamel Satin Finish.

It took her many days – each day was really only a little over an hour (except stamping day – that was a little longer).  Tina chose to do an area rug style as she didn’t want to deal with the partial stamps or work around the commode.  The vanity was also painted in Paint Couture Midnight Blue.  She admits to a small mistake on one stencil but decided to leave it.  Her take-aways:  take your time, time to let coats dry, time to line up the stamps, and don’t be afraid to make a mistake.  Tools used:  3/8 nap 4 1/2″ roller for the floor paint and to apply to the stamp.  She used a foam roller for the top coat.  Used a Swiffer to clean the floor just prior to applying the topcoat, and in between coats (darned that cat) and recommends doing that after the paint coats dry and before applying other coats (something tells us that cat shed a LOT).  ;o).  I think her hard work paid off…her bathroom looks fantastic, don’t you think?

Work in Progress and an OOPS!






That’s it for now friends!  It was a busy project week and lots to catch up on.  Let us help you DIY your way to a beautiful home and add another chapter to your story!  Your Home, Your Story.  I hope to see you soon…miss everyone!

Until then, Smile and Make Life Fun.


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