Color, Texture, Balance

Design buzz words that help bring a space to completion and in creating a boho vignette usually means baskets, fabrics, rugs, leather, wood, greenery, and a multiple mix of bright colors.  Interpretation of BOHO varies, of course, from the college dorm use of tapestries, furs, dream catchers, salt rock lamps and so on, to a very sophisticated Ralph Lauren or Genevieve Gorder  approach with high end or mid-century leather, international accessories, brass or brushed gold elements, vintage rugs, and much more.  My daughters love Boho and I’ve been itching to get out of my norm of neutral and subtle colors and styles, and so my vision of Boho started with the vintage Kantha throws and the Kantha scarves and Oohlong jewelry.  I then added rugs, painted the dresser as the base of the vignette, and incorporated a few other elements.  The vintage Kantha throws, the Kantha scarves, the vintage Turkish rugs by  and the IOD Transfers by on the dresser all bring in color and texture to the space by offsetting the solid, base colors of the  antique dresser.  The wood urn lamp and baskets are a calming, neutral and natural textural contrast while the chandelier, jewelry, gold Italian wood tray, and the gold gilding on the dresser add the bling and glitz.  Loving the new boho corner at Rust and Refind!   The only thing missing is the greenery (usually an essential element in boho design) but with no natural light in this corner of the shop, they don’t do very well (and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’m not a very good plant caregiver) ;o) #bohochic #bohovibes . Come in and see us this April 5-7 weekend for our artisan market, open Friday 10am until 5 through Sunday 12-5!

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