How to Create a Dramatic and Personalized Powder Room

The “Throne Room” aka powder room.  It’s that one small space in everyone’s home that can be completely neglected or over the top!  You have a captivated audience for a brief time so why not captivate them?  Big and dramatic design can happen in small spaces.  My own powder room is Venetian plaster in a dark milk-chocolate brown, gold metallic ceilings, chandelier (of course), Italian art, and a small mirror collection (see why below).

Before the added mirror collection. My small mirror wall, inspired by Mimi.

Recently, I added  several more mirrors to complete what I had always wanted to do but somehow never did until now, since we’ve inherited my husband’s mother’s estate.  My husband and I have been dealing with this the last few weeks, and I’ve gone through her home and taken pictures when I could because I always admired and loved her home and design style and I wanted to have photos to remember.  Even though she had a bit more flair for the dramatic and formal, two of her powder rooms were my all time favorites.  The powder room on the main floor has walls lined with pink FABRIC and decorated with over 30 gold framed mirrors of all shapes and sizes, which was my inspiration for my own powder room (aka guest bathroom) here at home, and to which I’ve now added her mirror collection.

Mimi’s Wall of Mirrors

I’ve replicated the layout as much as possible, even though she had the mirrors on three walls, I’ve only added them on ONE (the initial mirror collection I personally had is on another small wall near the sink).  Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures of that room…we had limited time to clear out the estate and there are a lot of emotions happening…lt’s difficult disassembling a home, especially what was your parent’s home for 30 years.


The complete look!  Homage to Mimi.

I did, however, manage to take pics for THIS powder room on her lower level.  This is my favorite room and we’ve called it the Turkish Throne Room for years.  I am going to completely replicate it here at my home in another bathroom.  Yep…another post on that.

The Turkish Throne

Family Collections and Inherited Pieces Add to Your Home’s Story!

I wanted to share this because I obviously love a well-decorated bathroom and because I hope it helps someone dealing with their parents’ estate.  Although we’ve had just under two years since my MIL’s passing, and over 15 for my FIL, we never felt the complete “closure” because their estate remained in tact with my MIL’s husband, who lived in the home until now.  We felt somewhat disconnected, I think. But, in bringing treasured memorabilia, photos, some decor that remind us of “all things Mimi and Pasham”, and in setting up small vignettes of those treasures here in our own home, we feel that Mimi and Pasham are back home with us.  My husband is happy and when we see these things every day, it brings a smile to our face and we think of them more.  I don’t think one needs to turn their home into a museum for their loved ones, but it’s just another way to personalize your space with family collections and meaningful ways for your home to tell it’s story!  So go ahead, be brave and brilliant in that one small space….and strategically place those mirrors.  :o)


Until Next Time…Smile and Make Life Fun!  B




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