Paint a Wood Frame with Saltwash and Paint Couture

Like everyone else in the world today, life has thrown me a bucket of worms…or should I say a bucket of COVID-19 set-backs.  And, like everyone else, we are forced to pivot, adjust and hope we see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.  But, I have seen a lot of goodness out of all this darkness, and one is that with those pivots, I am forcing myself to catch up on a back log of projects (aren’t we all?) and now that I have a little more time (or so it seems, but really I am spending more time adjusting and catching up, but I digress), I am trying to learn how to do behind the scenes stuff…like website updating and emails, inventory, paperwork,  how to videos and so on.  One such video on my list, was this How to Saltwash® and Paint Couture a wood frame, which I got to play producer, director, editor, actor (well my hands acted…didn’t they perform well???) and special effects crew.  It’s very “J.V” as my husband likes to say when something or someone isn’t completely up to par.  But, I think it turned out pretty well considering this over-50, non-techie capabilities (or lack thereof).

One of other pivots that a lot of us small businesses are doing (especially for us in this retail world) is being more creative and making products more available to our customers in a variety of ways, from curbside pickups, online shopping, Facebook lives, and offering virtual workshops or DIY kits.  Two of the products I carry at Rust and Refind are Saltwash®, which is a sodium additive that you add to any paint, and Paint Couture Paint.  So, I decided that since I am offering the kits, why not offer a how-to video?  Saltwash Frame How-To Saltwash and Paint Couture Wood Frame KitFor this video,  Saltwash® and Paint Couture paint is being used, and it’s the paint included in the Saltwash® Frame kit available for sale on my website via Etsy shop and at my shop.  It can be shipped, delivered locally, in addition to being available for curbside pick up.  Super fun and easy project to do, and makes for great beach or cottage home decor.  We offer in store workshops, as well, AND can work with you virtually at this time if you need any guidance and person-to-person extra tutorials.  The frames will have added wood appliques (not seen in this video), and you will get a choice of two Paint Couture colors.  The base coat color will be your Saltwash® coat that you will mix according to directions (1:1 ratio usually, a little less powder if using chalk paint) that gets troweled/dabbed on full coverage, and the second color of paint is the paint that goes on after the Saltwash® coat is dry.  The fun begins when both coats are dry and you can scrape off, sand off with sandpaper, sand block, or a sander.  I prefer a scraper since I like my projects to be chippy and I usually apply the Saltwash® coat thickly and chunky.  This creates a chippy, beachy, weathered look on any craft or home decor project.  The kit includes sandpaper and/or blocks but the scrapers and spray topcoat can be purchased online or any of your local hardware stores like Home Depot.  Paint Couture also offers brush on topcoats, too (available separately).  These frames have a backboard mat that can be painted, pictures added to, decoupaged, or chalkboard painted to create a mini-chalkboard (as seen in this video).  There are amazing Saltwash® video tutorials available on line, too… Check them out at Ilovesaltwash.

I hope you enjoy this project!  Until next time, smile and make life fun.



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