Paint Couture and Colors of Sweden

The Couture CollectionRust and Refind is a proud reseller of Paint Couture by The Couture Collection! and Colors of Sweden.

Paint Couture is a Zero VOC, water-based, 100% Acrylic resin paint. It is a self priming, Decor, furniture and cabinet paint. Paint Couture has a great adhesion capability to exciting painted or varnished surfaces. With Paint Couture there is usually no sanding and no priming. It is easy to apply, it is smooth and lays on very flat with little to no brush marks. The dry look is a matte finish. As it is a 100% Acrylic paint, it becomes very hard and very durable. A Glaze or Couture Topcoat is recommended, but not required. Paint Couture is available in quarts and 80z sizes. Clean up is easy, with just soap and water.

Colors of SwedenThe Colors of Sweden is a small boutique line of furniture and cabinet paint inspired by the 18th century Swedish Style of painted furniture. The products in this line consist of six paint colors, two glaze colors and one topcoat.  All the colors and techniques here have been inspired by the Swedish Gustavian Style, designed to “bring in the light” to your home.

The products are the finest water based, acrylic paints, glazes and topcoat manufactured in the USA for Great Walls Supply, the same company that has brought The Couture Collection!™ line of furniture and cabinet paints to the marketplace.

Our paints are Zero VOC and produce a beautiful matte velvet finish. The Lime Wash and Sheer Smoke glazes are low VOC and create a satin like finish. The Swedish Flat Topcoat is low VOC and provides a non-yellowing, muted sheen and a durable finish.

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The Couture CollectionColors of Sweden

About Our Paints:

  • Eco-sustainable
  • Performs so well that it has it’s OWN built in primer
  • A game changer for a healthier environment
  • Stain reistant
  • Toxin free
  • Odorless
  • Mold resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Non-combustible


The Couture Collection and Colors of Sweden guarantee the quality and freshness of each product sold along with providing ideas and help to make all of your projects successful.