Brenda PottsRust and Refind:  is about finding old things again and “rustifying” or refining them.  Redefining, Repurposing, Refreshing, Recycling, Renewing, Refinishing. These “R” words that update old, warn, dated pieces and merging them with new and modern. It’s the juxtaposition of rustic and refined and incorporating into a harmonious setting. Rust and Refind suggests an eclectic mix of finds, or the opposites attract of home decor, both sides of the railroad tracks, if you will, such as a barn door and a chandelier. A home that has an eclectic, collected-over-time feel is a home that tells a story, something that Brenda is passionate about in home styling.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Brenda has always had a passion for decorating homes and would pen and paper design her “bedroom” and future home since she was a little girl (no Pinterest then).  Since 18, however, she has primarily lived in the South and abroad and has been an Army wife since 1992, which included several moves and several homes.  She learned to unpack, settle in and decorate each home quickly, and incorporate the collected broad and eclectic range of must haves from all her travels and assignments.   Exposure to many styles around the world, along with years of watching home shows, perusing home magazines, managing an antique home décor shop, trolling antique shows/flea markets/barn sales,  has inspired her design aesthetic and desire to help redesign the decor in the American home.  She is a believer in the “Collected Home” and your home telling your story with new and old, sentimental, and adopted treasures.

Washingtonian Magazine - August 2016 - featuring "Best Vintage" Rust and RefindNow retired from the military life and an empty nester, she and her husband (Mr. Rust and Refind) are settled (for now) in Northern Virginia.  A daughter is in flight school in the Navy, and another is in Army ROTC at The University of Tennessee allowing for much more time to be a creative.  A fanatic about design and organization, finding and transforming treasures, and wanting to help others find and collect their own along the way lead to the first chapter of the Rust and Refind story when she hung her first sign at the now burned Mount Vernon Antique Center. Being in this business, she has also collected a lot of creative friends, which inspired her to open an Artisan Market where a few great creatives can gather and sell their product and be co-inspired and collectively inspire you in one location.  Thus,  a new chapter in the Rust and Refind book has started, and in July of 2018, the Rust and Refind Artisan Market was created, housing interior designers, furniture painters, craftsmen, fine artists, and more.  She calls it the Talent-Filled, Fun-Filled, Drama-Free Zone. :o)  Located in charming Aldie, Virginia and open once a month for events, by appointment, workshops, and Paint Shop Wednesdays!  SMILE AND MAKE LIFE FUN!

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