Humble beginnings…


Rust and Refind: it’s the finding of old “things”, again, and the juxtaposition of rustic and refined. Redefined, Repurposed, Refreshed, Recycled, Renewed, Refinished. These are “R” words that infer new life into something old, worn, or that’s lost its appeal until seen in a new light. An eclectic mix of finds, or the opposites attract of home decor, both sides of the railroad tracks, if you will. A barn door and a chandelier, reclaimed floors and marble countertops, black and white, modern and traditional, farm and luxe. A home that has a collected over time feel is a home that tells a story. I am an upstate New Yorker (way upstate) that has lived in the south and overseas since I was 18. An Army wife since 1992, I’ve had to decorate many homes quickly, and collected a broad and eclectic range of must haves from all over the world and make those must haves work together. I have also learned to appreciate and like so many home decorating styles from the places we lived, visited, or from experiencing other peoples homes from around the world. This exposure helped me envision and see a redefining of decor in the American home. After years of watching HGTV, perusing home decor magazines, trolling antique shows, flea markets, barn sales, working at my friend’s antique shop in Clifton Virginia, my husband retiring from the military after 27 years and offering me some much desired stability, and my two daughters being old enough to be independent (one in college and the other in high school), I decided to turn this passion of finding and picking “things” into a business, and so the story of Rust and Refind begins. I’ve always felt like I needed to buy five houses so I can decorate each in a different style and with all the different things I find and like, but my husband’s response to that was “honey, just open a shop”. So, our one home has a sense of many styles and tells our story. Many of my friends are creative, designers, in the “biz”, thus it was a natural progression for me to pursue that path. I have a passion for organization, so I debated pursuing that path, but analysis, timing, and trying not to over think lead me to the decision to open Rust and Refind in November 2014. Our home was packed with inventory I had been collecting in the anticipation of a shop opening, and with the holidays approaching, and yearning to get our home “back” to a home instead of a warehouse, the search for a storage solution led to an opportunity to open space at Mount Vernon Antique Center. With very little analysis (unusual for me, but it just felt right) I decided to get my sign hung (with significant encouragement from my husband), my product out there and my inventory OUT of my house (well some of it). Wordy prologue out of the way, Chapter One begins. It may be more of a picture book. :o) I hope you all share in my story. I have my family and many friends to thank for their encouragement and support (and help) and I hope to see you at Rust and Refind.



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