Private Workshop EquipmentsThis is a private workshop, from 1-2 people, where you bring your own furniture (to be approved…must be small enough for two people to carry easily like a small dresser, chair, etc, no extensive repairs or issues, etc…that’s for another class ;o). and participate in an interactive workshop where you and I will work on the piece together. Learn the initial steps of cleaning, sanding and other prep, painting/priming if necessary, one or two techniques such as glaze/distress, and topcoat. Buy the workshop as a gift or for yourself. The workshop is a one-two day class 4-5 hours each depending on the steps and project. Can be less. The workshop MUST be completed in no more than two days within ONE week (can be consecutive or spread out). The class will be scheduled based on mutual availability of both instructor and student. Bring a book, go to lunch or run errands during periods of wait time if necessary…we will not rush the process on your furniture you will take home and use. If it’s a large dresser, we can use the drawers as the learning material and you finish the base dresser at home. Only Paint Couture/Saltwash or General Finishes products will be used during this workshop. Class includes tools needed, but supplies like paint will be purchased in addition to class fee at a 10% discount and all items purchased within the Rust and Refind only during your workshop are at the 10% discount as well (some exclusions may apply).

Private Workshop145.00 USDPrivate/Semi-Private BYOF workshop/MAX 2. Furniture to be approved. Make an appointment.
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Saltwash Farmhouse Triple Hook Coat Rack Workshop, $65

(Includes paint, triple hook coat rack, supplies)

Get hooked on Saltwash®️And Paint Couture Paint! Everyone loves unique and one of a kind pieces, and this coat rack is perfect for the farmhouse, cottage and beachy vibe. Use in a laundry room, kids space, mudroom! Size 5.5″ x 24″ and includes 4oz splash can and 16oz mixing cup. Approximately 2 hours…please sign up in advance and be prepared to start the workshop promptly. (You can browse early for shopping and during breaks). Limited Class Size 8, Minimum 3-4. Group discount 10%.

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Interactive Paint and Saltwash a “Dresser” $45

Want a fun and interactive way to learn how to Paint, Saltwash and Distress an actual piece of furniture? Forget watching videos or learning on a small craft item, but actually be on hand while a piece is getting prepped, painted, and Saltwashed, and then distressed. I have had a lot of interest in Saltwash workshops for furniture, especially the recent Saltwash pieces I’ve recently finished, and am getting ready to start another project. This will be a combination of watching, and interaction with the piece to show you how you can get that super, chippy and layered look. Limited to 4 for this demonstration. Be flexible with time, lunch breaks, drying times, etc. This is a very relaxed learning experience.

Interactive Paint and Saltwash a “Dresser”, April 845.00 USD
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