Interactive Paint and Saltwash a “Dresser” $45

Want a fun and interactive way to learn how to Paint, Saltwash and Distress an actual piece of furniture? Forget watching videos or learning on a small craft item, but actually be on hand while a piece is getting prepped, painted, and Saltwashed, and then distressed. I have had a lot of interest in Saltwash workshops for furniture, especially the recent Saltwash pieces I’ve recently finished, and am getting ready to start another project. This will be a combination of watching, and interaction with the piece to show you how you can get that super, chippy and layered look. Limited to 4 for this demonstration. Be flexible with time, lunch breaks, drying times, etc. This is a very relaxed learning experience.

Interactive Paint and Saltwash a “Dresser”, April 845.00 USD
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